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Orange County


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This movie is hilarious. Colin Hanks (yes Tom Hanks son who is brilliant) is in it and hes just so funny. Jack Black is always funny. Seann (Hanks) doesn't get into college b/c of a mix-up so he tries to get in, and its just struggle one after the other. His mom is an alcoholic, his brother (Black) is always high and walks around in his underwear. Haha need I say more? Great cast! See it!!!!

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Hey guys! Well I am glad you liked my request. haha, and jacob I love that part too when he burns the building down. I love when he walks into the livingroom when there having the meeting with the people from Stanford and he walks in with his underwear on and asks if anyone has seen his 'piss'. hahaha. Hey 'Fuck her Gently' is so funny!! 'I'm gonna fuck you hard!' haha I love it! Have a good night!! by the way, the orange county soundtrack isn't all that bad with the exceptions of a few songs. just a thought...

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