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Coldplay tickets on june 4th?

Matter-Eater Lad

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hoom i dunno i havent been to ticketmaster but on the official site of the venue (Bell centre) it says at noon' date=' and then on admission.ca it says at noon....maybe im gonna call later[/quote']


Well, where are you buying them from? I am getting them from ticketmaster.

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Ticketmaster outlets are weird anachronisms that I always forget still exist. I remember seeing a couple hundred people lined up at a tiny window at a mall several years ago and being completely confused as to why it was happening. Then I asked what was going on and it was a line to get Bruce Springsteen tickets, and I was even more confused because why would all those people buy Bruce Springsteen tickets from a tiny window at a mall? Then I realized it was a Ticketmaster outlet.


That was a dumb and boring story.


I would recommend buying online because your odds are just as good (apparently if a lot of people show up at an outlet they do it by lottery instead of first come first serve) and you don't have to go anywhere. On the other hand, I don't know if there are $20 Mystery Fees if you buy tickets in person.

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I think it's the same charges if you get them from an outlet, it's still through ticketmaster. As I mentioned, I am trying online and my bf is going to an outlet to possibly increase your chances.


May luck be with you all (those that did not get tickets yet, if you did get some, leave them for the poor souls that got nothing). :P

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