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Forecast: First Week Sales


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What century are we in, anyway? All of a sudden, the music biz is partying like it’s 1999, as Coldplay leads a quartet of major releases in a direct attack on industry woes.


The Capitol group is well on its way toward staking a claim on the mantle of Biggest Band in the World, as X&Y aims at a first-week total of 650k, with a real shot at surpassing 700k. This project provides a blueprint on how to roll out a superstar release in this day and age. From promotion to marketing to sales, the label’s setup has left no stone unturned, with every element impeccably utilized, including the use of new-media and new sales outlets, including AOL, Yahoo!, VH1, MTV, Starbucks, iTunes and Amazon.


All of which leads to the intriguing question: Will Coldplay wind up with the biggest album of 2005?




Sorry, if it's been posted. But that's awesome sales!!!


BTW, this is for USA.

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um yeah



right well..those are effin' awesome numbers for US....

and....i dunno about biggest album of '05....that would be something though...


I'm still amazed at the lack of advertising for this album in "middle america"...meaning mainstream america (not NYC, LA...) I live in a captial city and haven't seen one poster, billboard or anything that advertised for the new album. Only after the album was releasced did I begin to see ads.


I'd say the album is doing quite well for week 1.


Does anybody know what the numbers for UK and europe are?

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