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You know you have arrived when....


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You know you have arrived when the critics are everywhere--slamming you, complaining about this and that, trying to knock you off of a pedastal. Too bad dudes, Coldplay does not sit on pedastals. Tearing apart a band that people genuinely like is similar to the don't hate me because i'm beautiful adage. The playerhaters are out in massive numbers because simply put-- Coldplay has arrived AGAIN. So just sit back and enjoy the music and be greatful it isn't another bubble gum rap artist or a pop princess. It is music, real music. Let the record sales tell the story!

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if there was ever a band who couldn't take bad criticism it's got to be coldplay, or at least it's got to be its frontman. chris martin probably won't take any of the negative press over the album well. he's far too nice and far too anxious about what everyone thinks.


but who cares. it's not our job to cushion the blow. you can't expect to make a masterpiece every time you drop a record. they made an album that THEY are happy with and are proud of, that's all that matters.

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