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Is X&Y a pop or a rock album?


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Not sure where ye're getting rock from lads... I assume ye've listened to it yeah? Its pop through and through.


Or at least an attempt at it


That was exactly what I was trying to get at... It coming from Coldplay, I assumed straight out that X&Y was a rock album... It always bugged me that some 'rock' hallmarks (e.g. focus on lyrics, less-layered & more focused sounds) were missing, which bugged me a whole lot and affected how I enjoyed (and rated) X&Y. I mean it has A LOT of good qualities, just not the typical ones one looks for in a rock album... Once that possibility began to sink in, I finally started enjoying the album much more :D


C'mon people... Most of you say X&Y is both rock and pop. Is it strictly just that, or are there any other influences, I mean how would you describe the album? :) Those who say it's neither, what is it then and why? :D

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Era, what's "pop" and what's "rock" anyways? Does rock mean Zeppelin or the Beatles? Is pop Britney Spears or the Beach Boys?


Who knows. Who cares. Just enjoy it for what it is and dont be worried if you cant place its genre.

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It's both a rock and pop album

It has got too much aspects of rock to be a poppy album, but it's poppy too

For some it's pop, for some it's rock

For me it's more rock :)

But hey, just enjoy the fcking album, entirely great:)

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It seems to me like this album is neither pop nor Rock:)Nor something between....is sounds me like something totally new genre in world of music.Just because of the fact it has miles away from ordinary Rock as well as well as from Pop...excluding commerciality:)

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Coldplay have never been much of a 'Rock Band' -- "Shiver" or no "Shiver". Even their 'rockers' ala "Yellow", "White Shadows", "One I Love", etcetera, are clsoer to epic balladry than rock music. There's a toughness to true-clue Rock -- and some celebrity wasn't far off when they called Coldplay a 'bunch of [blankin'] pansies." I'd call that a good thing, myself.


The aformentioned songs might fall under pop rock, but this is pop music more than naything else. Very well-done pop music -- and X&Y is no different in that respect.

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I know it's looks ridiculous but surprisingly for me, what genre an album belongs to would affect my rating for it :rolleyes:


My ratings for X&Y out of 10...

If it's a pop album = 10

If it's a rock album = about 6 or 7 :confused:

If I had to rate it just as an album (not bothering with what genre it belongs to) then I'd give it a 10 (coz I'm biased toward the band :D)


I guess it doesn't really matter what genre the album belongs to... it is good music after all. But just as a matter of interest, is the band marketed in your country as pop / alt-rock? And would that affect how you think of them?

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