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HAPPY 4th of JULY to all 'the Yanks!!'


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I feel like an old person, we were at the (horse)barn, and people down the street were setting off fireworks, and it pissed us off. We had to scream at those people to stop just so we could get the horses inside safely, because the fireworks were scaring them to death. I don't wanna know how bad tonight will be. :dozey:

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I just got back from seeing Elton John and fireworks. It was awesome. Well, Elton John was awesome. The fireworks were so-so. I think that's kind of a dumb tradition. Anyway, Elton was good, Rufus Wainwright was good, Patti Labelle was good (she was even joined onstage by my very favorite Philadelphia Eagle, Dhani Jones), and Bryan Adams... well, he was Bryan Adams. But Wayne Brady and Billie Jean King were there too for some reason.

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