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HAPPY 4th of JULY to all 'the Yanks!!'


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haha yeah i doubt they make a national note of that day...


did you hear about the reinactment of a french/english naval battle the other day? They didnt say which side was which country haha...they just called them "the red and the blue"

hahha thats great :lol:

Yup, The international fleet review plus the Trafalger 200 celebration

Kinda stupid having it like that

Meh, The fireworks were good though

Plus the queen ruined my day :blush:



*Raises glass*

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*sings a patriotic tune*



yay! day off!! woohoo and I get to see fireworks! My favorite!! I'll be going to downtown Manhattan.. to see the lovely display of fireworks over the East River... they look something like this..






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