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Which what guitare should I start...


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Hey guys, here's a stupid question I know but... anyway

I've never played guitare and want to learn, my goal : play all coldplay's tabs one day...

What guitare should I use to play that ? Must I buy an acoustic guitare or something else ?

Thanks :D

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Do you prefer to play rythm or Lead. If you like Jonny's parts then I would suggest an electric. Squire's are always good to start with if you want an electric. People say you should always start cheap which i think is bullshit. You don't want bad quality when you start. What I suggest is you get an acoustic with a cutaway. That way, you can play all if Coldplays stuff. Go to your nearest guitar centre and ask them if you could try some out. Get what feels comfortable. Whats your budget?

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the only Guitar I have is the one I got a year ago(was given actually),It's a spanish,so I'm pretty much torturing it by not playing any classical stuff,I swear I feel sometimes like a string will break and hit me in the eye for it,But it's all I could afford at the moment,I should have started on an acoustic one,so you defintely get a good acoustic first.

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