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Gravity- does anyone else love this song?? I need some info

green eyes88

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I was looking at some coldplay lyrics on the internet and Gravity was also on the list of songs, so I downloaded it, but it's in a live show...

I found there's another version by embrace, from 2004, so coldplay's live version is before the embrace version. So I wanted to know who's song is it originally, and when's the live version from? and is there any other coldplay version?

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I was originally a coldplay song written during the Ruch of Blood tour. As far as i know they played it only twice


2002.11.21 KB-Hallen; Copenhagen, Denmark

Chris played it solo on the piano. It was recorded by a member of the audience.


2003.07.03 Quart Festival; Kristiansand, Norway

Played by the whole band. Most of the gig except Gravity was broadcast on NRK radio. Don't know if there are any recordings.


The band decided to give the track to Embrace as it more suite their style of music.





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