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i hate it when


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:shock: :o MY GOD....GET OUT OF THERE...l know this is late...:? BUT...l dunno, l creeped out SO easily....from anything.... :roll: !!!! but, l like it home alone, its QUIET....usually this house is like "jerry jerry jerry....springer" :D...it only sounds funny... :? but its not...arg!

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im still....it was like.....:::breaths::: hhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeee hhhhhheeeeee i was like wtf and i hung up i was sooo expecting to hear rain and see lightning and see someone atthe door like in horro movies lol

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it is...but only during the day and when someone doesnt call ur house and ur saying ''hello''? hello? and all u hear is breathing!!!! lol yes it happened an hour ago


OMG..i get phone calls like that every day..i just swear into the phone hoping they'll get the point..hahaha :lol: :shock:

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