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Lo siento solifugo, pero ne sé :huh: . Supergrass y Morning Runner cómo en Gran Bretaña?


My Spanish isn't very good but I'm learning...

Here's a (very rough) translation of what solifugo said:

I don't express myself well in English, so I will be lucky if I get someone who understands this:

Does anyone know who the support acts coming are?

I'm finally going to the concert in Madrid.


So if you know who the support is (is it the same as the British shows were?), tell solifugo:

Los teloneros son (insert support acts here!)



Muchas gracias por la ayuda y la traduccion (es raro que se entienda hasta en español.. las prisas son malas consejeras).


Bueno, esperaremos mas noticias.

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That day, the 20th, there is one of the best match: R.Madrid - Barça :P . I'm going to miss it :P oops


Oh really? Woooow, the derby!! That's great, I won't have to watch it with my boyfriend, ha!!


And I'm gonna get the tickets todayyyyy!!

Yippieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! :D :D

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