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'the BUMP game' I shamelessly stole from the official..


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The object to the game is to keep bumping this thread by posting on it.


The points system

less than 1hr = 0 points

less than 2 hours = 1 point

less than 3 hours = 3 points

less than 4 hours = 6 points

less than 5 hours = 10 points

less than 6 hours = 15 points

above 6 hours = 20 points


A Bump will only count if it has the word "Bump" in it!


If you make a false bump, the time will still be taken from then.


You can bump yourself ( make repeated Bumps)


So do you bump the thread after an hour and get 1 point, or wait for 2 hours and get 3 points? Obviously the longer you wait, the more likely someone will bump the thread, before you get to it , so they will get the points.



who wants to play??? follow the rules.. and have fun.. this game will run from now until the 24th of July at 12:01am EST :cool:

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this thread's never gonna work unless people give us something to talk about and forget about saying the b-word



thats the point.. its not a thread to chat in... its about bumping.. :rolleyes: after long hours have passed.... so you can earn POINTS!!!!!!! perhaps a prize!!!!??? :idea2:

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