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has anyone read this interview?


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hi! the other day i found an interview with coldplay..but its kind of strange because aparently the girl who made the interview.... spent like one week with them and i found out about some things....i didnt know like:

guy berryman has a ferrari

and things like that..i cant rememeber the website buy i printed it and its in my room ..some where under the bed hehe..but has anyone read this interview? ist shocking to find out certain things like for example when they were going to have some food a man gave chris the finger ... (you konw the middle finger) and he entered were this man was an started to argue......to the next day he went again, this time with a wine bottle, and fix everything....what do you thing about it?

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It sounds like the article i read from the british Q music magazine. I distinctly remember the incindcent with the guy who yelled at Chris from a store, complaining that he was sick and tired of reading about Coldplay in the newspaper, and Chris just exploded and yelled stuff like he hated being in the paper and being famous, oh and the rest of the guys had to drag Chris from running in and punching the guy :stunned: . But the next day, Chris went back to the store with a bottle of champagne and apologised. Does that sound familiar?

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