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Leak needs to step up for them though, he had a lot of hype comin in to UF and they havent done much :/


they run a pretty much pass exclusive system though, so he has the opportunity for success now


I agree. I was mad when they got rif of Zook last year. He needed more time with the team. I'm sure Meyer will be a great coach though. I really can't wait for the start of the NFL too.

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Bucks should be ridiculous at basketball...


they stole 3 of Wake Forest's top recruits GRRRRRR


then again, they all live in ohio. Greg Oden most notably, wouldve been the number one nba pick if not for the new draft rules

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hey i didnt say anything was wrong with the state!


I'm just bitter that Ohio St. won out in recruiting for 3 good players that Wake Forest (my school) was also competing for


K just checkin. i thought u were saying something bad about the state.

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