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Swallowed In The Sea and a Coldplay Moment


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I know this song has probably been discussed before (In fact, I know as much because I posted in one), but I had to share this.


My favorties on this album have been fluttering to one song to the other almost on a daily basis. I think everyone has found this trend about this ablum. It's amazing and proves what a good record this is, but my favorite has never landed on Swallowed In The Sea.


Until about... two minuets ago. I didn't hate it like some people do, but I was listening to the album and this song came on and it hit me like a brick had been hurled at my face.


It was a rather powerful sensation that, I must be honest, drove me to tears.


I found this moment so surreal/moving that I had to share it.


Has anyone just been suddenly moved/touched by any of Coldplay's songs, most especially, the ones that never really moved you in the first place? Share your thoughts!

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yeah that happened to me with A warning sign like 4 months after i bought AROBTTH, i never really paid attention to it until one day it hit me like a bucket of cold water and it's become one of my favourites since then :)

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Yeah, that has happend to me a couple of times with several of Coldplay's songs. Not long ago it happend to me when i was listening to Til Kingdom Come for like the 100th time, and i was so overwhelmed that it drove me to tears.

When it happens it's like a lightbulb that's been turned on within and i just see the song in a new light. :D

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aww :D:D

i've always loved this song and i'm glad you've realised that its so powerful and emotional when you really get into it .. it hit me on the 2nd or 3rd time i heard it ....


recently i've developed a real love for Politik ... i've always liked it a lot but i'm really losing myself in the song lately :) and of course A Message also has a similar effect .. i could go through a lot more but they are the main ones that get me going! :D :P

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