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Top 50 People who need a Beatdown


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Click here you knob


I was expecting it to be some stupid ass list like focusing on Paris Hilton and Tom Cruise, but that was really, really true. There was less clever ones like Oprah Winfry, but also some great ones.


James Lipton, Steven Tyler, Paul McCartney, SEAN PENN, Michael Moore, I was also glad to see Starr Jones on there. The Blockbuster guy was funny as hell too.


But the best decision was Number 1, without a doubt. Jay Leno has never been even decent at stand up, in fact, the only thing about his routine is when he acknowledges how bad the jokes are, he usually says "Woww its really, flying tonight..." in his sarcastic manner. When he says that every single night, its like "Oh god I suck again".


"It has to be pretty depressing when the funniest thing on your whole “comedy” show is segment where you read mistakes from the goddamn newspaper. "


Hahaha also so true. If Jay Leno didnt have sarcasm, nobody would even know what the punchline is, he relies on it about 95% of the time. I hate him.

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-hell, yeah, Leno is kool

-michael moore does deserve a beating cause he is fat

-george lopez is hilarious----he dont deserve to be there

-teenagers sometimes do deserve a beating---sometimes :P

-old people should be in there

-ray romano???? i love ray romano

-BUSH should be in there so badly

-Yankees team should be in there too

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paris hilton should be in there-----why is she even famous----she is a slut :P
maybe it's just me, but i don't know why people hate Paris Hilton so much. If you think about it, she's actually really intelligent because she hasn't ragged money off of her rich parents for years and is still able to manage her financial situation and a house in Beverly Hills even at her young age. Besides, tons of Hollywood people and celebrities dress just as or even more slutty. jesus christ have you seen the latest mtv videos? especially jessica simpsons?
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