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I just don't get it?


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Ok so we all know how bad smoking is for us right? Well why is it that the media plays it up to almost cool still? i donno i am unfortuntaly the "social smoker" but i also grew up around smokers so i became use to all the smoke. any opinions??

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I agree... to be honest.. I hadn't been smoking as much until I saw how cool Carlos D looked smoking.... I blame it all on him.. :embarrased: DAMN HIM AND HIS LANKY BODY WITH LUNGS OF STEEL!!!!!




:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: *shakes fist in air..... reaches for her lighter* :embarrased:

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Justine ya its not a good thing to start. i really wish i wouldn't have.


berrywomen don't you hate that. when you see someone smoking and your like dang. it only makes you want a cigarette more. i must say every time i watch the live 2003 dvd i find my self either wanting a cigarette or saying its ok see they do it. :/

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