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I just don't get it?


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i think that alot of people try smoking for the first time because it intrigues them, or for social reasons. Usually the people that smoke because of pier pressure or whatever they continue smoking, and if curiousity it depends if they like it or not, or how aware they are about the dangers.

Personally i was never even intrigued by cigarretes, however, i did try smoking once but I was drunk (very...) I don't remember how it was so well- it think i was sooo drunk i couldn't even do it right lol.....

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I personally think that smoking is stupid and it defineately is unhealthy. But people should be able to smoke all they want as long as long as I don't have to smell it. Just like people should be free to engage in all sorts of unhealthy practices that I wouldn't participate in. Of course smoking does cause pollution and the gases it creates harm airborn insects in the vacinity of the smoker. Smoking also might have caused the extinction of the blue speckled toad hornet in California............


How?? :huh:


Can't find any record of a "blue speckled toad hornet" so I'm not sure we can take this seriously, anyway!! :P

Anyway, I think in the greater scheme of things the "pollution" angle isn't very relevant when you consider the effect of car exhaust fumes etc.


hahahaha....i was joking about the pollution and the blue speckled toad hornet :cool: :cool:

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Well' date=' second hand smoking is pretty bad, I hate those mothers that smoke in front of their newborns.[/quote']


Omg i know i cannot stand that. Its like do u know what ur doing to your kid. i was raised around smokers even though my parents never smoked.


steph i know its really scary. in my mind that enought to quite.

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Don't smoke. Seriously, if you do, try and stop. If you do it just for the hell of it. Stop. I know it's difficult, addictive as it is....but it will kill you. If you don't stop and you do die, say hello to my dad for me will ya? :cry:

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I think I might be allergic to the smell of people smoking around me :/ I seriously can't stand it... :stunned:


I know how you feel. I can't stand close to people smoking, i just can't breathe around them. It feels like my lungs repel the air, so i have to step aside. :confused:

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My parents smoke, I used to. Don't now


It's a personal choice and aslong as no-one is

breathing it directly into my face - fine :)


Ok i am just curious did you start smoking cause your parents smoked?


No not really, I started because I was bullied as I kid :/

How awful is that!? No excuse I know

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I'm srry. I know the reason i started was my family i just became so use to it. i was curious if that was the way it was with you. one whole week and not one cigarette. I think my whole smoking thing is over. :D I hear by announce that i am done!!!!!!

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