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Rush of Blood vs. X&Y


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sniggirb' date=' why did you pair up those songs in particular? besides their location on the cd.[/quote']


That was the only reason. If I were to pair them up say my fav songs from both albums it could be a different story...I might do that later on.

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Both albums are exceptionally good and hard to decide which is better. It seems I like Rush of Blood better but that could change.

I can't believe you like Hardest Part over A Rush of Blood to the Head...wow.



That was actually one of the tougher descisions to make. I love A Rush of Blood To the Head. For a while I listened to that song every morning. I prefer the live version over the album version though. I think it is that piano bit at the end when its live. The emotion in the song is amazing....come to think of it maybe the nod should have gone to Rush of Blood. :P

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While my all time favorite songs seem to be on ROBTTH, I always seem to skip around. Ask me this question 2-3 weeks ago and I would have said Rush of Blood, no contest. But lately all I'm listening to seems to be X&Y. It's grown on me like a friggin' fungus. But more pleasant. Right, that didn't make sense... Anyways.


I think as an album, it really flows well. I can just sit for an hour and listen to it all the way through, not skipping anything.


Plus I really, strongly don't like A Whisper. That marred ROBTTH to me. So I vote X&Y.


:lol: Why did I write so much for this? :huh:



i totally agree with you .. AROBTTH has some great tracks but i skip Daylight and A Whisper sometimes and with X&Y i listen to all of it as its a fantastic album all round so thats why X&Y just shades it :D

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My personal opinion:


Square One vs. Politik


Lord, this is a tough one. Both songs are amazing and I think they are the perfect way to open concerts. The big anthem that is Square One, then with barely time to catch your breath, the harder Politik. But Square One is giving me the shivers every time I hear it right now, so I'll go for that.


Winner: Square One



What If vs. In My Place


I love What If and think it should be played more at concerts (they did play it at Bolton BEFORE the concert, but on the TV screens to promote one of the charities. What If makes me think of the world and its problems, and what I could do to help. But In My Place is just an amazing song that never gets old. Even now I shout "YEAH!", so I give it the edge. I think What If will become a classic in years to come, though.


Winner: In My Place



White Shadows vs. God Put a Smile Upon Your Face


Another toughy. I went off GPASMYF for a while, but the recent spruce up at concerts has made me fall in love with it again. But White Shadows is one of my favourites off X&Y and I think the lyrics are great.


Winner: White Shadows



Fix You vs. The Scientist


Amazing songs, both of them. But Fix You is THE song of X&Y for me, and only Clocks compares to it in my eyes. Fix You defined one of the best months of my life when X&Y was released, when I went to see Coldplay live, when I watched Live 8 on the big screen in Manchester city centre (was anyone else on this board there?) and went to all kinds of cool places. So I'm a little biased, but c'mon, Fix You is just an incredible song...


Winner: Fix You



Talk vs. Clocks


I really like Talk, but for some reason the old version hit me more, even though the new version is also cool. Nothing besides Fix You on X&Y can compare to Clocks, though. Some people say "Yellow = Coldplay", but for me Clocks defines Coldplay and is a magical, timeless song that I will listen to until my dying days. Plus, the new intro and outro to it at live gigs is AMAZING!


Winner: Clocks



X&Y vs. Daylight


Daylight doesn't do much for me. I like X&Y even though it isn't one of the better songs on the new album, so I give that the edge.


Winner: X&Y



Speed of Sound vs. Green Eyes


Speed of Sound may be a recycled Clocks, but if you're going to recycle any song and give it a new touch, it is Clocks. Speed of Sound has been overplayed on the radio, which is why I am not listening to the radio, as I refuse to be burnt out by it (the live versions are great). Green Eyes is a very nice ballad that I would like to hear live before I really compare it to SoS, but I don't think SoS gets the edge for now.


Winner: Speed of Sound



A Message vs. Warning Sign


Both very nice songs, but I think A Message is slightly better.


Winner: A Message



Low vs. A Whisper


A Whisper is probably my least favourite Coldplay song. Its so unlike Coldplay. Low rocks.


Winner: Low



The Hardest Part vs. A Rush of Blood to the Head


Another one for the new album, AROBTTH was one of the few disappointments for me of the album by the same name, while The Hardest Part is a sleek, catchy tune.


Winner: The Hardest Part



Swallowed In The Sea vs. Amsterdam


I like both songs, but Amsterdam is amazing and one of Coldplay's most underrated in my opinion. Great lyrics and great tune.


Winner: Amsterdam



Overall: 8-3 to X&Y

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wow thanks for that

i agree that clocks new live intro is great the intro is a bit like the Clocks Remix starts off you know with the drums.


I prefered a Warning Sign " and the truth is i miss you" love that high register


Green Eyes did it for me but they never play it :(


ROBTTH is lyrically one of their best but compostionally hardest part is great


Amsterdam : beautiful song definetly should get all the recognition it deserves

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