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Favourite Smells Thread.... and bad smells thread


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What smells do u like ?, and what smells dont you like. ??..



I like the smell of bread being backed... and I dont like the smell of raw fish guts that have been left out for days ...


I like the after smell of Coldplay gigs.... and the smoke in the crowd.... I dont know where coldplay get their smoke machines from but I would love to know... :smoking:

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I love the smell of:

freshly percolating coffee; freshly baked bread; Davidoff's Cool Water; Joop for Men; CK1; newly printed books; roses; lavender; PVA glue; bonfire night; rain on hot sunny days (that kind of fresh, damp smell); snowy days.


I hate the smell of:

cigarettes; newly printed carrier bags/posters (alhtought the immediate high is good!!); dunno what else

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