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Reason 3 and Protools


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Reason is really simple to pick up but you can spend a long, long time with it creating better sounding stuff.

I could tell you alot about Reason 3 but it makes my head hurt trying to write it down without being able to physically show you. I will try and look for some tutorials. (try and get the program ''ReCycle'' too....it's useful for making ''Rex'' files of drum loops to import into the Dr;Rex sampler)


Protools again, I find easy now having used it through UNI work but it is complexed. Again a tutorial from the net wil help so....



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Yes, I can't fathom using Reason without a midi keyboard. It depends on what you want out of Reason. I reckon you can already play guitar (thanks for the tabs by the way). I'd look into Reason Ignite or Reason Power to get you going.

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