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Coldplay Darien Lake


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Wow' date=' great pics! Can't wait for the rest :D I was too short to take any good pics :cry:[/quote']

I'm 5'11" and I still had to stand on my toes and raise up my camera. That's the reason why most of my pics are blurry (can't see the display from that angle so I didn't know if it was focused or not)

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Here's a gallery of 112 of the better pics I took at Darien Lake.


They're all high-res, so I'd reccomend you wait for the site to load first. It can get a little slow. I'll have one just for webviewing up soon.


Click "Download Image" to open the image in a new window, then save it somewhere on your hard drive.





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That's a good video of In My Place. I was behind the OTHER pole so I wasn't that close...


I loved it at the end when everyone started banging on the seats for another encore... that was the time EVERYONE did it.


"give me lines on the first page; rollercoasters behind the stage"


Priceless. God bless Chris Martin. ^_^

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Re: In My Place


Heres my favorite Video

Chris Martin Ran right behind us in our show...Download and take a look







GREAT VIDEO! ( even though it took all day to dl, hmm must be all those shows I dling from the coldplay hub) Thanks so much for sharing. Wow that must have been awesome to see him climb up that pole. And yes the best part was when you see Chris whirr past back to the stage. How exciting! :P

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