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  1. After watching the music video over and over, I am thinking there is an “official” dance to Higher Power? There are specific movements during the chorus and Chris performs it a bit.. I can’t wait to hear it live!
  2. The MX eras outfits are the best and I’m glad they are back!!! I need his shoes!!!!
  3. This is definitely one of those Coldplay songs that is 10x live (HLH, CB, etc). Those songs and birds are still well ahead for me than HP but I’m sure it will be a banger live!!!
  4. Oh boy! #BTS https://twitter.com/Go4Valentine/status/1390403148112486402?s=20
  5. I love the way you think. You are an oldplayer at heart but also are accepting of the “pop/newplay” sounds. I have been a fan and member since 2004 and the Coldplay direction has been a rollercoaster ride. Once you learn to evolve with the band, you will enjoy anything our band puts out. We need songs to dance and sing to right now... and this new album will hopefully deliver 🙂
  6. A new clip with video of Chris Martin at Worthy Form was just posted to tiktok. It’s about 25 seconds long. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMe472fRJ/
  7. Predictions on when the full song leaks? I say Tue/Wed 🤪
  8. There is a snippet on YouTube, uploaded about an hour ago:)
  9. I’ve been a member since 2004 (my senior year) I discovered Coldplay when I first heard Clocks on the radio. I remember spending days/weeks trying to figure out what the song was called... 😂 I have have present for all the hype before during and after all the eras. I am too happy the forum is alive and kicking and am pumped for the new era!!
  10. Has anyone tried to purchase a ticket recently? The main site is saying I need to enter a promo code to purchase... what is the code?
  11. I really think the band will go this route this time around. They will play new songs we don’t know the name of yet.. which is fine!! Not many bands go about introducing new songs with a live version! I was here for the MX era.. I remember being quite disappointed with the album version of MX/HLH after hearing it live.
  12. Seems like the new album will def have something to do with every previous album.. They are using one song from each album for the cryptic code.. they recently sold lithographs for every album a at the store.. and the bottom on their main webpage has an emblem flashing resembling every album (It's been there for a while now). I have a feeling we are in for something quite surprising and unique...
  13. We do know what F is now.. even the number 7 😅. What a time to be alive.
  14. And alienradio.fm just posted another voice transmission/signal .
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