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Coldplay Darien Lake


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What an amazing show. My second Coldplay concert. They pretty much followed the same setlist as they did in Camden New Jersey, the only additions were Green Eyes, Amsterdam And A Rush Of Blood To The Head. All I have to say is wow. Our seats were much better than the last concert a month ago. I was able to take a ton of video and pictures(which I will attempt to upload). At one point during In My Place, Chris Martin ran off stage and ran right behind us..Like 5 feet away..Chris climbed up a pole and started to sing in the middle of the venue. This time I picked up the tourbook and a poster. I have no problems with this show. The opening act Rilo Kiley was by far much better than Black Mountain. If anyone has pics they can post or even video...Feel free... I really hope a bootleg surfaces. Can't wait to hear more from everyone


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I took it down. ^_~


Square One



God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

Speed of Sound


A Rush of Blood to the Head


White Shadows

The Scientist

Til Kingdom Come

Ring of Fire (cover)

Green Eyes




Swallowed in the Sea

In My Place

Fix You


This was the most amazing show I've ever been to. I'm not sure if it was because of me... but I sent Coldplay a message on mySpace asking them to play Amsterdam and White Shadows. They played both... one after another...


I was soooooooooooooooooooooo happy when he said "this song is called Amsterdam"


BTW, did you catch what Chris changed the lyrics of Politik to? I heard "roller coasters behind the stage" but I didn't understand what he said before it.

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