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Kansas City


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This is my first post here. I have front pit seats fro the KC show. Just wondering if anyone else is going. Hopefully I'll return with some great pics. As long as I hear Talk and Lost I should be in good shape. Green Eyes would be a welcome surprise. I'm moving to Australia in December so I can't say I'm not worried about them pulling out because I won't be here for the Spring '06 leg.

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What's up garrpier? I'll be out on the lawn with my brother if he doesn't back out. I might try to sneak over the gate to get better seats. I haven't been to Verizon Amphitheatre since last year's Ozzfest where I got f*cked up. I missed Coldplay at Memorial Hall three years ago because I didn't know about them then. Not this time. It's getting hard to sleep too.

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Setlist Kansas City 9/21/05:

Square One



God Put a Smile on Your Face

Speed of Sound


Don't Panic

Everything's Not Lost

White Shadows

The Scientist

Til Kingdom Come

Ring of Fire

Green Eyes



Swallowed in the Sea

In My Place

Fix You



I really enjoyed the show. I was praying for Trouble since it was played the night before but I lost out on that one. Through the entire show Chris was debating whether Kansas City was in Kansas or Missouri. The final lines of Fx You were "Well now it's time for us to go, we hope you enjoyed the show. I hope you all leave happy, whether to Kansas or Missouri', or something along those lines. When Chris swung the light during Fix You, he was waiting for it to come down but he swung it so hard that it wrapped around the rafter on the ceiling of the stage. I had front row to the pit so I expected to get good pictures but no one would stay still for a single second. I don't think the pictures are great, in fact I'm sure they're terrible, but if I find a few decent ones then I'll post them.

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The weather was awesome as was the band! I'm glad Chris interacted with the crowd more than some I have seen. When he ran out into the crowd, that was pretty great. I was in the back row of seats just 1 section away from him so I could see him pretty good, if I stood on my chair. I'm kinda jealous of you garrpier, getting pit tickets! That had to be awesome! And what a coincidence, I'm moving to Australia too. I almost didn't buy tickets because I thought I'd be gone by now, but the paperwork took longer to finish. I'm glad I decided to get tickets, this was the best show I've been to.

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This was an AMAZING show.


I was front row in the pit, center of the stage. I got to touch chris' hand when he reached out to a bunch of us. During talk he took the guy next to me's cell phone and called someone while he was singing.


It was just amazing. and i got a setlist!!!!! (my MOST treasured possession ever!)


Anyone tape the show? i would be so grateful for a bootleg of this show.

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wow, i dont think i forced myself. You took up the room of two people and you did little to hold your ground at all. I think i have never had an easier time getting upfront. and you know... i thought you were nice for letting me up there! you are waaaaaaaay bigger than me and could have easily pushed me out, but you didnt, and i appreciated that. little did i know you would get on here and make me look like the butthead. but im a pretty nice guy... so id like to say THANK YOU for letting me up there. my ticket was 92 dollars because i had to get it from a scalper last minute when going to Austin City Limits Festival didnt work out. This is probably the one time ill get to see them so i appreciate you letting me enjoy it upfront with you.


I would also like let everyone know that Franklin touched him too, and Chris used Franklins cellphone! how cool!

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o yeah, i already framed the set list, but ill post a picture of it soon! I didnt get any good pictures at the show, but perhaps the guy who thought i "so rudley" barged to the front would like to post some? he got some good ones i bet, he had a digital camera.

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If anyone has any pics in high-res of the KC show then please contact me because I'm doing a project where i'm gathering all the pics i can from the KC show, whether they are in high-res or not. The finished project will be shared with everyone in due time.


That pic of the setlist will certainly help out, I'll be eagerly awaiting it! :)

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Hey everyone, I was in the pit at the concert in Kansas and was excited when I found out we were going to be able to take pictures, unfortunately, my batteries died on my camera right when i was fixing to take my first picture... I was excited when Christ Martin threw a disposable camera in my direction, my girlfriend put her foot on it, only to have it snatched from under her foot by some dude that was already taking pictures with his digital camera... Anyway, I'm trying to find some pictures of this concert, anything that anyone has would be awesome. My e-mail is [email protected]


Thanks everyone, and that concert was awesome, pic's or no pic's it is something i'll definately remember!

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