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trouble video


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im on a bit of a mission to find the exact places where the coldplay videos were shot (the outside scenes so u can actually go see them). i know most of them like yellow, the scientist, fix you (the rest eg shiver in my place are indoors) but im not sure where trouble and god put a smile are done tho. i heard trouble was somewhere in kings cross and the filming was really late at night. apparently they heard a scream across the road in a really dodgy area and found that a girl posing as prostitue had lured this old man into a corner and this guy beat him up and robbed him. how lovely! not sure i actualy wanna go there on reflection after that story! but still would like to know. also where is the god put a smile video set? somewhere in london?

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I guess they would have either...filmed two lots, one in light and one in dark and faded them together.


Maybe they had the light sky on the first layer, the dark on the second and faded them into oneanother to get the change in the sky and had chris on the third layer so he didnt change much.


Im trying to think of what they could have done, but i dont remember the video in much detail...ill need to look at it again then i might have a better idea :/

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I have no idea how it was done, especially because in the Coldplay book 'Nobody said it was easy' it says that the weather was really terrible and kept raining and so they filmed it in only 20minutes,( :stunned: ) and it wasnt the best day to film a video anyway, Chris apparently was feeling really down because it was the day of Will's mother's funeral....perhaps they just did it on a computer (the sunrise)....?

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