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If you're marooned on an island.....


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You find yourself stranded in a remote, but lush island somewhere in the pacific...


Which three things you'll probably bring with you?



1. Laptop with a battery that lasts forever and some device that can make internet access somewhat possible...


2. Toiletries


3. Chris Martin (he's definitely a tool :P :P )

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Glarb, just don't point your weapons at me. I'm mean with sand.


1) Anything I could play music on.

2) Clothes. I can't sew leaves or anything, at least not for awhile.

3) Chocolate stuff.


I don't think I'd want Chris on an island with me. He'd want my chocolate.


Mmkay, I lie. He cracks a lot of jokes. That's always good. I wouldn't mind his singing, either.

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