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Creepy stuff, oooooo...


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Okay, I know not everyone celebrates Halloween, but still. I know I like scary things no matter what time of the year it is, so maybe some of you guys are the same way.


I found these like last year, but I think they're pretty cool.

The Dionaea House: A man writes to his friend about his investigation of a mysteeeerious house and another friend's insanity and -- DUN DUN DUN -- disappearance.

99 Rooms: A neat interactive site where you explore strange rooms.


So yeah, post any creepy stuff you run across right here. Ghost stories, pictures, whatever!

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here's some creepy photos...





The sellers of this painting said that it is a haunted one and that their 4 year old daughter claimed that the children in the picture would fight with each other and enter her room at night. The sellers also mentioned that they had set up a motion triggered camera to see if what their daughter said was true. As a matter of fact, the camera did pick up on some movement and took the pictures you see of the "girl". She seems to be very dark, with a red colour on her, and the boy remained the same colour.




The sellers said that they saw the boy "exit the painting under threat". They then decided that since the boy exited the painting seemingly under threat, they had to get rid of it. The painting was finally sold at a price of approximately £800.



The sellers claimed that people emailed them letting them know that strange things happened while viewing the painting.

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Man, it's all the Tripod logo!


I would never, ever buy something like that. Always check into what you buy, especially houses and the like. You never know what went on in there.


I'm going to search for this one cave story... see if it's still around.

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You guys know about the Zodiac murderer?


Yeah. I live in the city where all that happened. I know someone whose brother had an experience with him. Really sad... the guy's ex was one of the first victims. I've been to the park where the murderer struck, and it's kinda weird thinking that something horrible enough to be on the national news happened right there. My current photography teacher's photos sometimes appear on documentaries and stuff.


Creepy ending time: I don't think the killer was ever actually caught. He's probably dead now, but... uuuuggggghhhh.

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