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favourite live song???????


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I just love the new intro to 'Clocks'. Don't know if they always play it.

'Politiks' is another all time life favourite of mine.

I've never seen them live but I enjoy every fast song where I can imagine Chris jumping around like the exuberant little boy he is. :D




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Especially when they speed it up.... I love that!


And the holographic curtains they had at the London shows made it even cooler.


I hope we get the proper backscreen at the Earls Court shows. I feel we got a bit short changed in the setup somehow....

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omg! this is so hard! coldplay is better live! so much energy!


i love: in my place and fix you, politik is just rock as well as square 1...however, my fav song live of all time is AROBTH!!!! its so magical! :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:

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Clocks and Warning Sign for me without a doubt. Will's furious drumming in Clocks is just mesmerising and the soaring sounds on the intro are just beautiful. Warning Sign is amazing as well...I can also play along to Chris' part on guitar too! :D

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