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help Chris and the Band!


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[shadow=red:3572e1c541][glow=black:3572e1c541]help is needed here, for the sake of Coldplay, please understand the great risk Chris Martin is taking, by being a great famous musician, he is kind of a leader, and that means he's gonna have to take the karma of his followers, so we've got to give him good karma, please!


[fade:3572e1c541]testing[/fade:3572e1c541][shadow=white:3572e1c541]little white shadows[/shadow:3572e1c541]


one place where things could be helped


there are other ways of helping, seriously if you are a fan of Coldplay then you should care for the band, how are we gonna do this?

i can rest assured that their actions are good, because the songs speak out the Truth, some people are unresponsive, hurt, or abusive, however, is there anything we can do?

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Thanks, it took me way too long to make that animation. Time well spent, I like to believe.


Edge plays guitar and Adam play bass in U2. Favorite band next to Coldplay, for me. In case you couldn't tell by basically everything from my name on here to my sig... :lol:


Oh, I just saw your question regarding CFU. Of course you can join, anyone can. No matter how many posts or how much bling. Bling is basically a pointless thing on here unless you use the "casino" up at the top of the page. CFU is our Coldplay Appreciation "Club", so yep... Join us! :wink3:

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its all good, but i don't understand the name's relation to U2

(see how ignorant i am? the shame)

oh i just donated some blings, i didn't realise i could gamble them 4 real..

thanks for the tip

i'll keep donating blings though, as a pious deed to make up for the casino.



i wonder how many blings i will get now.

but anyway for donating 1.08 blings i earned 1.17 blings for posting about it, that's an earning of 0.09 blings!


i don't know what's going on here either, but it's allright with me, :mellow:

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its all good, but i don't understand the name's relation to U2

(see how ignorant i am? the shame)


You mean what I said about my username on here? It's alright, it's not a whole song title anyways. An Cat Dubh is one of my favorite U2 songs and I just use an_cat as my username on all the forums I join, for some reason or another.



Right, done hijacking your thread.

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What was the first post of this thread about? Help Chris? Help Coldplay? What?


Yay, another U2 fan :)


yeah how can we do deeds for Coldplay, we're enjoying their hard work, but what can we give them in return.. not something material.


looking for answers,


and yeah there's a casino! i gained 2 blings on dice but then i lost 3 cunt

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We could support them in... buying their cds for example? Going to their concerts? There are many ways ;-)

Decide for yourself, what's the best!


these are material things, if we buy their stuff, its good, we are giving them (and their set etc) money, its all good. but what's money??


money isn't everything.


what else can we give them?


i would like to learn from them, listen to what Chris Martin is saying, and take it seriously, offer it up to the Highest Realm.


know wot i mean?

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