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Madrid '05


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Great concert!!

It was the 3rd concert i've ever been and i have to say that it's been the best of the three ones, here is the song list. They played TROUBLE!!!! and there where some cameras filming them even when the screen of the back of the scenary was off so i hope they make a DVD or something :cry: :

1-Square One



4-Speed Of Sound

5-God Put A Smile... (in this song he singed in the solo "we all live in a yellow submarine ^^)



8-How you see the world

9-White Shadows

10-The Scientist

11-Till Kingdom come

12-Green Eyes




15-Swallowed In The Sea

16-In My Place

17-Fix You


And then they put a recorded one, a version of the Beatles song "Good night" singed by Chris Martín :D. I was like 3 meters in front of him and I could even touch him it was superb. Also while the concert there was a girl with a cell phone and Chris picked it up and kept singing to the cell phone, wonder how was the one at the phone after it ^^. I recorded yellow but in a really low quality, anyway i have a lot of screenshots, i hope ill post them soon but ill post just the best ones, most of them are a bit bad. Cya :) .

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I also was at Madrid :) and i was at Lisbon too, yesterday. The shows were amazing, i also stayed in front row a few meters from them :D i don't know how to describe it, these were the best couple of days of my life. I'll upload some pictures and videos from the show as soon as i can *


P.S. - What a great city Madrid is, filled with even greater people. Thank you Madrid :)

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genial. lo digo porque decian que en los conciertos se le iba la letra por algun problema de memoria :confused:

q va, lo canto durante el solo instrumental, por lo demas canto todas bien, bueno en alguna q otra cambio una palabra pero nada importante :)


I'm glad to hear that Couto :D

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Madrid, Spain,


Arrived at 6.45am (local) where one of the best days of our lives was taking place. Got in the subway to Goya. A few minutes later there it was, "El Palacio de Deportes" the place we would spend 10 hours until they'd open the gates to Chris, Jonny, Guy and Will.


A little walk around Madrid to unfold a terrific and well organized city.


Back to "El Palacio" we sat and waited, meeting some wonderful people who shared the concert in the front row with me and my cousin.


7pm: the gates open and the people who were on front of lines, including us, start running to get to the well deserved and privileged place.


8.15pm: A man with his head covered shows on stage. CHRIS! "Hola, yo soy Chris ", everybody goes crazy as he announces Goldfrapp!

After playing 4 or 5 songs, there was a short circuit that sent Goldfrapp home earlier :\. Everybody shouted: "GOLDFRAPP, GOLDFRAPP!". Despite that, they were great with a wonderful presence on stage.


9.30pm: "You're in control, is there anywhere you wanna go?" OH MY GOD! There they were, those i thought were just a voice and an image were there, moving, right before me! I couldn't hold myself.


Square One - The opening song, numbers on the screen, Chris far away, Jonny before us, Will and Guy on the other end. It was one of the best, so full of energy, great light effects, and one of the best instrumental songs.


Politik - OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG! "And give me love over, love over, love over thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!" (at Lisbon Chris improvised: "give me Senhor Luís Figo!").


Yellow - The good and old yellow :), "esta cancion se llama, amarilla". During the song they released some ballons with golden little pieces of paper, it was really nice. Most of the ballons went to stage where Chris blew them with his guitar :p.


The Speed of Sound - Wow! It was much better than i was expecting, it sounded great! The screen was like in the videoclip.


GPASUYF - During this one Chris sang in a Rammstein's "Amerika" tone: "we all living in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine". He also mentioned Barça's 3-0 :p i guess very few noticed it.


Trouble - What a great surprise! Maybe the second or third time they played it during the Twisted Logic Tour. Sounded great with everyone singing along Chris. AMAZING!


X&Y - Lights around Jonny as he played the initial guitar riff from Pink Floyd's "Shine On You Crazy Diamond", it fit just perfectly! "You and me are floating on a tidal wave, foreveeeeeeer".


How You See the World - So full of feelings and power. Jonny sat on the piano while he was playing, and then Chris showed at the right end with his acoustic guitar. INCREDIBLE MOMENT!




The Scientist - Blue lights over Chris, Guy smoking on the corner. One of the best moments... We, the crowd, sounded fantastic. In the middle Chris just stared at us singing and said it was perfect :).


'Til Kingdom Come - The most intimate moment, they were all togher around Will's organ. Jonny and Chris hugged while Guy sat, holding his harmonica.


Green Eyes - Another surprise, a very good, kind of acoustic version from green eyes.


Clocks - This one was like Politik, Chris threw so much energy that showed how much he was enjoying. Everybody went crazy as he sang twisting and turning around his bench.


Talk - I can't describe what i felt during Talk, it felt like a dream or something surreal. How can 4 men do that to someone? OMG! I want it again, please!


Swallowed in the Sea - This one was really calm and short.


In My Place - It was SOOO good! It amazed me the way i enjoyed it so much.


Fix You - A shiver down my spine at the beggining and the end. It was just like in the video except for the firework. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!


The end, but the beggining since Lisbon's show was waiting for me the next day :D it was also wonderful.

They are so full of talent, they control crowds with a few notes and really know who to enjoy everyone with every show they have.

I'm sorry for the personal review *

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GPASUYF - During this one Chris sang in a Rammstein's "Amerika" tone: "we all living in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine". He also mentioned Barça's 3-0 :p i guess very few noticed it.

I think a few people heard in Barcelona.... hahahahaa

he is very brave going down there and reminded the citizens of Madrid of there defeat ..

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