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I love Alias. Seasons 1 and 2 were awesome. But season 3 and 4 weren't so good. Now season 5 killed Vaughn an that sucks.


My favourite character was Vaughn. And yeah, Michael Vartan (who plays Vaughn) dated Jennifer Garner for a year. But that wasn't the reason he dies.

Vaughn died cause Vartan is in Australia shooting a new movie.


I think Vaughn is alive.

And he's going to appear in episode 9 of this season 5. But it's going to be in Syd's dreams and memories.

Alias was cancelled last week. So this is the last season.

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That's too irrealistic. Sydney hates Sark. I don't like him too. LOL he's such a boring boy. He's ok with laure, dead :D


Syd will end up with Vaughn. I'm sure he's not dead. :P and with the baby.

Have you gusy seen the last episode? Irina captured Sydney and tortured her.


yeah, season 5 is the last season. It sucks.

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Hi everybody! :)

I love Alias too!In Italy the last episode showed Syd & Vaughn having a crash with car while Vaughn was going to say something to Syd..Which season is this? :huh: Anyway,Sark is absolutely cute..he has something that makes him handsome but I don't know what in particular..

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I love this show... been a fan from the very first episode. such a shame it got cancelled :( About a year back I read from the papers that Garner had signed a contract for 8 seasons and now they're cancelling it :(


We've halfway in the season 4 here, so I've still got one season to see! yay! :D

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I think they're cancelling it cause it doesn't have huge ratings. And probablu because Jennifer wants more time for the new family and to movies. She's starting to be very known actress.


About the crash and Vaughn... don't scroll down if you don't want to know :P


















































Vaughn won't die on the crash but will die at the end of the episod after beeing shot and knowing he's going to be a father, He dies at the hospital with Sydney at his side.


But I don't think he's dead. I'm almost sure he's going to come back alive at the end of the season ;)

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Whiteshadows I couldn't resist..!!!!I read all.. :o :cry:

I hope it'll be how you said (about the last episode I mean),just because Vaughn can't die after what he comes to know( being father)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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