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World Turned Upside Down


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Hey..I was making a list of all my b-sides and I saw one was called "The World Turns Upside Down" but its not the one on the Fix You single and I cant make out the lyrics but he does say "your world turns upside down"...and "can you hear that sound?"...anyone know what this is? Are there 2 versions?? Help! I want to know what song I have!!

Any help is appreciated...thanks!

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Hi guys,


I would really like to get hold of some of those rare songs (filed in Miscellaneous on this site's discography section). I notice you guys often upload them or email to each other. What is the legal position on this? I never download illegal music, but obviously there is no other way to get hold of these rare recordings, some of which are live. I notice that Ted said he could not upload the single B-Side, but would share the other.

Thanks for your feedback.

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