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Craziest thing u've evar done in a concert??

staring elf

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Oh I go crazy...well maybe not crazy, I just totally let loose, and I try to get to where I wanted to go. Its easier for a girl, in my experiences anyway, to get to the front of the mosh. Guys just let you through. Its pretty awesome. My next concert is Ben Harper and Jack Johnson on June 8...thats gonna be sweet. Can't wait. :-D

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yeah' date=' well he's got a smarmy attitude and acts like Liam Gallagher a bit, he's got a swagger when he walks, and performs with a ciggy in his mouth, that says it all really lol....it would have been funny if he did play shiver when my mate told him too :P[/quote']


humf! sounds like a git to me!! :? yuk, well, l'm happy Coldplay don't act like him!! I'm ALSO happy theyre MORE LIKED than him :twisted: ah well, l dont mean to snag this ian guy off...but he didn't have to yell back! l would have been SO offended if l was you! :(


I know, i know, lol...if I complained he could have got in trouble, but I found the whole thing pretty funny lol...my mate got the MP3's to his album, and I think she's writing to him too, I can't wait to see what happens lol :)

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