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The Official "Post Pics of Hot TV Peeps" Thread

Sweet One

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Yes it will...hahahaha... :lol:


ur evil I tells ya if it wasn't for that cute norah picture I would report u to the moderator of this forum laura now theres a girl who has some taste and would definately go for my Idea :D





*hopes shes fallen for it and will change mind*

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hahaha...wellllllllllll....i did say that it should be kept strictly for TV peeps....but...hmmmm.....i mean, Coldplay have been on TV, right?? hahahaha..if you got the pics?? Here's the place for them Dania!!! :lol:

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YAY !!!!!

thank u for agreeing its a pity I don't know how to post pictures which means

I just went to all the trouble of persuading u haha

oh well who needs naked pics of coldplay its all about the music for me

apart from the yummy mr berryman :D

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Ok..i don't know if anyone else watches this program... but it's "Queer As Folk" the US Version and this guy blows my mind!! HE'S SOOOO GORGEOUS!!




This picture's kinda small, but once i find another one, i'll post it!! I love him!! :-D

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