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The Official "Post Pics of Hot TV Peeps" Thread

Sweet One

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Alrighty....here's the place where you can post all the hotties from TV....men and women are all welcome...so, take it away friends.....


Oh, and please keep it strictly to TV land residents or else i'll give ya a firm kick in the bum....


Have fun..and not too much drooling..i have to clean this place up when you're all gone! ;)

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I love this guy...he was Sean Hanlon on Breaker High..but he's in movies now...from Cornwall, Ontario..yay!!!



that's young hercules: HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA and he's so funny in breaker high (oh god why did i watch that?)
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This here is Scott Speedman. Born in London, England but raised in Toronto, Ontario, he starred in Felicity as Ben Covington and in films such as Duets (with our favourite actress Ms. Gwyneth Paltrow).


He's a cutie eh?? I love this guy too!! :lol:

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