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my review



from the beginnng you get the point that we are dealing with a syco person....6 people were killed in a motel on may 10th....some year.....well it turns out that....A girl name paris is fleeing from her vegas lifestyle to move to florida....she was looking for a lighter in her bag and her clothes and a shoe went flying....the shoe was left onthe road...during a very dangerous storm....a car carrying a mum and pa and little boy runs over this shoe and the car is temporarily damaged....well the little boy distracts them mum with a kind little love motion and a car carrying john cusak(limo driver) and a snobby actress run over the mum....the mom is hurt (well duh! she got hit) so john the actress pa and mum stop at a motel for help....run by a redneck drunkie watching will of fortune....than mr. limo driver goes out to find help and crosses paris (the shoe girl) whos car was fucked after being flooded by the infamous storm....well he pciks her up and for some wakced out reason he tries to go through the same thing ....they see a car carrying newlyweds lou and....some other chick....well they pick them up and they all go back to the motel where many mysterious things happen.....a "cop" shows up who is carrying a convict. Well im being tooo descriptive and all this happened in the first half hour so....to make it flow smoother... One by one they start to die.....and under each body is a hotel key with the numbers 1- 10....well as all reveals a VERY! good ending occurs in which i can not tell unless u beg me with a 12 pack of diet coke....so anyhoo....in the end....the person who least expect (well person and personality) prevails and it ends with the opening line.....good movie



bad review cuz im tired...you fookers better reply cuz it took a while to write this shite ;)

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