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i know there's someone on this mb that is a huge homophobic guy, he's from my country and i know that cause read some shit on his website, and i fuck hate HOMOPHOBICS!!!! :x :x and he's telling some lies about my country either, is true that here we have a lot of trash music, but coldplay is well known... but the worst is been such a homophobic, such a small mind, this kind of people live in a peanut and i've notice that some nice people from this mb don't know that, so i just wanna say that if you really want to make a difference don't be a hypocrite by judging people based on their sexual preferences... i don't lie about here...


that's it :|




I'm a little pea

I love the sky the trees

I'm a teeny tiny little ant

Checking out this and that

I am nothing

So you have nothing to hide

And I'm a pacifist

So I can fuck your shit up

Oh yeah I'm small


Fuck you asshole

You homophobic redneck dick

You're big and tough and macho

You can kick my ass

So fucking what

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i've got a couple homophobic friends. even my religion is against that lifestyle. i personally am fine with the issue, and i don't really care if there are homophobics out there. as long as they don't endanger someone's live because they are gay, then that's fine. everyone has the right to say what they want.

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i like to use the phrase "Your rights end where others' begin" for that issue. yeah, you have a right to say what you want, but i really don't think you should if you're phrasing it in such a way that's meant only to hurt other people and make them uncomfortable in a public forum. it's ok to think being gay is wrong (i personally don't think it is) but i don't think it's ok to express that opinion with bigoted name calling. not that anybody here is doing that... just throwing in my two cents on the whole freedom of speech issue...

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ok, i was just a little bit stress about this, because the things that i read were very awful... it makes me sad, in a way. i know people that don't like gays, that's ok, but the way that it was said, and other stufs... but i'm really sorry if i cross the line a little, but i guess that what made me so mad was the fact that this person completely deny our country, saying that nothing here is worth... that's so unfair... so unfair, we have great rock bands here, so great, and other things too!!! there are things that make me so sad, mad and :? :( ... i don't like people that have, how can i say... prejudice on black people (i don't know if that's the right way to write that), by been sarcastic... i apologize again :cry:

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i hate homophobics too...well i dont hate them.....but what they believe isnt right.....and keep it to yourself! dont go and tell ppl! the way i see it is "if you see 2 gay guys kissing and cringe they may see 1 male and 1 female kiss and cringe" so i know this is an old topic...but i was bored...and felt it was a topic i could reply too :-D

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Im so not homophobic Im nearly homosexual' date=' except for the whole liking men thing... Oh well.[/quote']



hey you piss ant!! i didnt realze you joined berfor me....haha j/k.anywys....yea i agree wif you :D

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