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phil b

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Just thought i'd leave a message to say that i couldn't make it onto msn at all last night, but i'll be here off an on throughout the day, hopefully you'll be around to get this msg!!


Seeya later! x

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hey l wasn't on either!

right now l'm at the O.T memorial hospital with my labtop....l am going to be here for another couple of days. I was having brething problems ....so l will be online most of the time...so talk to you then!


lol P.S dear, you could have pmed me ;) :P


but thankyou for sending me this :)

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aww thanks! *hugs* :)



yes, l hope l feel better too :(


thanks to the message board, msn and yahoo messenger....l am happy! :D


l have my labtop here with me..so l'll be out of the hospital soon enough...on Friday

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