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My name is Casey and I'm a coldplayaholic..


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Hello. My name is Casey and I'm a coldplayaholic. It all started a couple of years ago when I heard Yellow. I liked it but didn't really get into it.


Then Clocks got real big and still I was like Coldplay who?!?


The day before X&Y came out I was watching MTV and they did a special on Coldplay. I didn't have the remote so I ended up watching the whole thing and that's when my addiction started. Thank God I was to lazy to get up and change it.


It been almost a year and I have fallen into the Ring of Coldplay. Since buying X&Y and playing it everyday, I have fueled my addiction with my love of A Rush Of Blood To The Head.


Now I'm here... Downloading Bootlegs and Interviews..


Favorite Coldplay Songs: How You See The World, Warning Sign, Talk

Concerts: 1 in Louisville

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