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Guitar FX for God Put a Smile Upon Your Face


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I will be doing a cover of "God Put a Smile Upon Your Face" with my band for the school talent show. Being the perfectionist that I am, I hope to sound as close as possible to the source material. However we cannot afford Johnny Buck's hot rod devilles. But other than that, I'd like to know what kind of effects are necessary for the lead guitar part.


Also, I would appreciate some advices as to playing live infront of a huge audience. This is my first gig infront of an audience. haha


wish us luck



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i'm the same way, i try to emulate tone after i can play the part correctly for every song i learn. in GPASUYF, i use vintage rat (around $100), a boss dd-3 (short delay, about $95-100). put your gutiar on the neck pickup only, distortion on 9 o'clock, filter on 1 o'clock, and volume at 1 o'clock (vintage rat), and delay about 300 milliseconds. (8th notes) you may want to change it around a bit to get a different tone, but that's what i use.

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For the current version of GPASUYF (the one they do live now) Jonny uses a really dry phaser effect for the outro part. Also make sure your drummer is a beast. The bassline in GPASUYF is really rolling, which gives it that nice flowing sound, make sure its not choppy. Good luck.

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