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I am so freacking happy!!!!!


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I was thinking about this and I think that would be a good idea write this in another thread instead of create a new one.But no,I did not .


Normally in this board when somebody is piss off and mad about something that person make a thread to complain or just free his mind about the whole situation.


I haven't see threads like this, I am not saying that I am the first one to make one,but I guess that we should try to make more of this threads.


Now,the most important thing about all this is:

Why I am Happy?


There are a lot of reasons,a lot of thinks happen in my life in this months.

Last year was one of the best years of my life.

I suffer a lot ,I cried a lot,I loved a lot and I enjoy a lot.


When this year was about to begin,I was very sure that this year (2006) would be better than the past year.As long as it is,this year is amazing.


I have to say that since I found this forum,my life change too.Is good have a place when you can express what you feel,what you think,besides that you can share your taste in music with other people from differents countries.


Today is March 31 and is Friday here in Mexico,the time is 15:30 pm .I am listen to Coldplay,and I am happy.


I will start a new week this Monday with a new job,that is almost like start a new life.I have visit here in Mexico.2 friends from Us. came to visit the city,visit some friends(include me) and to enjoy the city as long as they can.I have to say that the visit of this girls make me realize a lot of things.

Normally I do not like write long thread or long posts,cause I want to say what I want in short messages.This is something special.


And I write this for many reasons,share it with anybody who like to read it,speak my mind,spread what I feel and free my emotions.This would be like a record that when I feel sad or weird,I could cme here to read it and remember how do I feel when I write it.


I am so nervous,because my new job.I will work like in a call center.You would not find the excitment in this,or you could think that is not the best work in the world.For me is something important.I will work with some friends too,which make this job more interesting,besides that the pay is great.The only problem is that I have to wake like 5:00 am:o cause my work start at 6:00 am


I think I will make a new friend :the coffee:stunned:


This job and the visit of my friends,my friends that live here with me,my family,the music and even this board,are giving me the force I need it to make some change in my life.Is as exciting as scary at the same time.


I just want to say one things with this thread:

Do not worry about the bad thing that happen in your lifes,focus in the good things you have,even if they are small.


I am happy and I just want to share with the most people I can,spread the love and the happiness.Why? Because I feel the need to do it.


Thanks for read this and take the time.


I wish you were as happy as I am now.


Maybe tomorrow would be a different story,maybe tomorrow I could write a different thread,to be honest I do not really care,cause right now,I AM HAPPY!:)

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Alfredo you really are an inspirational person and this was a great idea. I'm glad you did it. I really never would have thought about it I think. It's great that you want to share your positive thoughts and congratulations on all the changes. I also have had moments this year where I felt GREAT and I think I have a lot more ahead of me. I really am feeling better about things, but I don't have to talk about that right now. I just want to hear about you and your job and all the good things... I think all of what you said can be summed up in a poem I made today:




God Bless America


:laugh3: ok, I'm just kidding... for you I guess you could change it to "God Bless Mexico" or something :D

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Thanks Eric!!


I write this because I really need to express it.This could be the calm before the storm,I could be in the eye of the hurricane or I do not know,but when you look back in your life and realize that you are not alone,that you have friends that care about you,when you have your family,even if your family is not the best around,when you can be so happy that you can even cry,I think that you have to express it to address to other people.

When you are sad,you cry,I guess that if you feel happy you have to laugh and enjoy.


Btw this new friend I would meet (coffee) is making me nervous.:rolleyes:

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yea, I drank too much coffee today although not really too much coffee just too much caffeine and sugar haha... I add a lot of sugar to my coffee :stunned: just so you know try to add less than 6 packs of sugar and 2 packs of splenda... I used to add more but today I reduced it to that much and I still feel hyper and that was like... hours ago , heh I'm glad you feel good maybe you can make other people feel good. I think that's something you're pretty good at

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Hey I'm also happy!


I have a home, a "good" quite disfunctional family, parents that give me all they can, I have a bed to sleep good in, food, water, clothes, internet service, I have the chance to study so I can be a proffesional.


At the other hand, many other people around the world just can dream with what I have... we all must feel very lucky for being bornt in the right place.


So if you're somehow sad, and reading this cheer up. :)

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^ Yeah but also bad times are good to share with good people around you...


Anyway don't you think its totally cinycall? I mean what's the fault of a boy who's born in Namibia and dies of thirst or a girl who's born in Kenya and its castrated?

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Bad things are to learn about it.


If you can do something for the world do it,maybe the only thing you can do is to cheer up to other people to do it.


Of course that there is no fault in those children,that's why is so important to do the right things.

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Well you would'nt think like that if you were born in a very poor family- then your life would be as senseless as working from a very young age selling in the streets, maybe getting into drugs, having children to be as poor as you and just dying without knowing what beautiful things are like- same story with your child.


I'm just thinking... damn it's too fucking unfair with people like that but indeed the power of our society has its bases in this disgraced people who have nothing. We cannot change that :confused:


Then an obvious question comes to my mind, if there's a God where the fuck is him/her?

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I born in a good family,that why I have the need to do what I can do to help other people.I am not senseless about that situation,cause I am not rich and I see the poverty as much as you do.


The people that born in poverty needs to be helped,I am agree with you.Not only that,even rich people needs to be helped as well.You must help every person in this world.Even if Bush needs help,you must help him.

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Yeah but my help and your help is not enough...

I mean there's something really wrong with the way our society works. Many people die in 3rd world contries for unnimaginable reasons in rich societies-

Rich countries can help but they just don't do it.


Oh well... that's not the point of the thread right? we should be happy cause we have everything at the expense of people who have nothing...

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Mi mero mero. Gracias por expresar tus opiniones positivas aqui.

Thank you for expressing your positive feelings here. Most threads are complaints and I can see a truly jovial person in you and I wish that while at work you enjoy every moment...even the bad ones because even bad things can change you for the very best.

Also something I notice in you (which I have come to enjoy in the times I have known you ) is your gratitude for the good things in your life. This is a true treausure in a person.

So, to add to your happy days/daze ... Thank you for being the person that you have shown us, Alfredo.


Que lo mejor te llegue a ti, chico. ;)

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Thanks Crystal and again thanks to everybody who could read this thread.


I always like to express what I feel,even if I an angry or happy,the way I think is that emotions are to share.Even the bad ones,cause your firends could help to eliminate that bad feelings.


And,btw I am still happy,really happy and I guess I will be happy for a long time,so I will enjoy every minute of this.

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Ryujiki wrote:

Today is March 31 and is Friday here in Mexico,the time is 15:30 pm .I am listen to Coldplay,and I am happy


A lot of things happen in this 3 weeks and I am handling with that.


Today is April 15 and is Saturday here in Mexico,the time is 9:45 pm.

I am listening to Soda Stereo and I am kinda happy.


But again,I guess that life happen for a reason and I am here to live my life.


Seems like a hard thing to do,but when you act like you feel it,maybe you would feel hurt but you are doing the correct.Do not be an hypocrite.


Be real,be yourself.

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