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anyone want a cd? / colours

phil b

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Everyone thinks its really weird... but my favorite color is brown


Brown portrays a coffeehouse atmosphere, chocolate, the wooden boards on a stage, vintage items, Autumn... I've always been most attracted to girls with brown hair. Brown is a color often missed, forgotten, and neglected, yet it brings us many of our pleasures and necessities in life. It is also a modest and down-to-earth color, so thats why I can relate to it, and thus why brown is my favorite color.


Other favorite colors are cream, tan, green, blue, ash grey, burgundy, beige... I guess you could say I like earthy colors...


ahh..i love the way you're explaining your answers..very intersting! :D

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hey guys...


sweety- don't worry about it, i'm just looking forward to people hearing it, i should be mailing out about 50 in total :)


athy - i couldn't reply to your IM, it seems to be playing up.. i will try again soon!


nemo- yeah, brown is my favourite colour of clothing to wear... pretty dull, but who cares :P

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i thought you'd said you were going for the night... i must've missed something cos you were in a rush :( :cry:


me? not the best of days, but all is well. i hope you're feeling a little better :)

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