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anyone want a cd? / colours

phil b

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hi folks...


i've just finished recording a demo ep, if anyone would like a copy, please let me know and i'll send one out to you!


and oh yeah, so this thread is eligible to stay in the general forum, i've added an interesting conversation topic, what's your favourite colour? ;) :P

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i want one !!! here, me i do want a copy...!!!! :D :roll:

my fav color? hmm probably dark blue (kinda associate it with cp) or dark red/green.. ahhh couldn't decide for one..

what's your's btw?

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haha very very very nice phil....haha you have a beautiful mind...erm.....if it involves sending it to ma adress that i live at....im afraid i cant because my dad would shoot me!! but um........green is ma fav color

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Everyone thinks its really weird... but my favorite color is brown


Brown portrays a coffeehouse atmosphere, chocolate, the wooden boards on a stage, vintage items, Autumn... I've always been most attracted to girls with brown hair. Brown is a color often missed, forgotten, and neglected, yet it brings us many of our pleasures and necessities in life. It is also a modest and down-to-earth color, so thats why I can relate to it, and thus why brown is my favorite color.


Other favorite colors are cream, tan, green, blue, ash grey, burgundy, beige... I guess you could say I like earthy colors...

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