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Do You Give to Charity?


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Just thinking of the homeless thread that was just created.


Does anyone give to any charity's?


Screw anonimity and modesty, tell us all about it, how much you donate etc.


I just give my spare 2p change to the Ronald McDonald fund. I hope its not going towards red hair dye or freaky makeup.

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If someones around with a bucket and I have spare change I'll give it up. Don't care what charity really. Whichever.


lolll that's so true. same with me. i don't regularly donate to any particular charity. i don't have a job, therefore i don't. if someone comes around though and asks for money collecting from a particular charity, i can't say no. i feel sooo bad. and so i do.

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Guest LiquidSky

I always buy things that have the Breast cancer sign. It may cost a bit more but part of the money goes off to Breast Cancer foundations :wink:

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