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This thread could lead to a variety of very interesting subjects, but the thing I regret of might not be such a big deal:

I went to a book fair yesterday and we were checking out this stand of books in English for everybody. My friend ought an awesome English-English dictionary with all sorts of words and a CD with excercises for First Certificate. I started looking for some classics and I found 'The Count of Montecristo', which I immedately bought. It was really cheap and I was proud of myself for dearing to buy such a long book in a foreign language, but then I started reading it and I knew I'm never gonna finish it, it's too long and there are too many unknown words such as ship parts. I regret buying it

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Hmm great thread.. i regret so many things like hiding my feelings and keep them to myself when i should've been more open to those i care about but one good thing is that we learn from our mistakes , right?

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Hallo Renato :nice: I actually told you allo in another thread' date=' but you didn't see....So, 6 am and you're still awake?..[/quote']

haha ia ctually got to sleep and woke up half hour ago :P


how be you? :D

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