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Is this Coldplay? What's it called??


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i listened to it and i can't tell what it is :confused: i've searched too but i didn't find anything.anyway it sound more diffrent than other cp songs but at one point it really sounds like chris' voice :)

i hope i'll find out what it is :thinking: :)

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It's definatly not Coldplay, although there certainly are similarities with the voices. That doesn't sound like Jonny on guitar at all. I like it, though.


I thought it might be Blue Merle too when I saw the topic, but I don't think it really sounds like them either.


I tried googling every bit of the lyrics I could make out, but didn't get anything. Maybe it's a smaller more local band?

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For me it's the voice that gives it away.


I think I know Chris's voice a bit to well then. :uhoh:


I don't think so... the voice gave it away first for me too... the guy singing has about the same range as Chris, but he doesn't have that warm fuzzy sad puppydog sound that Chris does.


Of course maybe I know it a bit too well too :freak:

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