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fights and beating ppl up thread


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YES!!!! i witnessed one...no way was i gunna get my head smashed in


it was on the train one afternoon, and some kids from a really rebel part of town tried to start on some of the guys from my school.they stacked their bikes up in the walkway so we couldnt get through, then started causing trouble when we supposedly kicked their bikes. so it was like the rebel kids against our beefy rugby players and the samoems from the all boys school. our boys totally smashed em and their little offsiders. there were fists and blood and ripped uniforms. my mate billy took me and the girls into another carriage incase it got out of hand .


scary shit...only on the trains i guess

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yeah so do i. its not a pretty sight when you see ya mates cop a punch or two.

damn rebel kids, always starting fights


yeah, i know:stunned:


y do they start a fight in the 1st place? :thinking:


they seriously need 2 get a life!!!

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oh ok let me explain


biffo, biff is just fights, fights. the term is mostly used in rugby league

most aussies say

"Bring Back The Biff"




that fella there is a footy presenter, representing the aussie bloke. he made the saying more famous

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yeah i think back in the day there used to be alot of fights in the sport, but nowadays theres hardly any and its pretty much a clean game, so bring back the biff is like bring back the fights. thats what made the game that bit more intense

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