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I never Lie


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That is a lie :blank:


Everyone lies...don't lie, you know you lie!


But, why and when do we lie?

When I lie (I dont lie that often :uhoh:) its mostly because Im scared of what people will think or to get out of a situation.

Many of the reasons I lie are stupid, but you cant really reverse lies, once you say something its out in the open.


Sooo, do you lie, when do you lie..whaat was your biggest lie?

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I lie. Of course I do. But it's a big difference between lie and fantasy. I mean, sometimes I just say something that is not true, but just for fun, it doesn't make any sense. I can do such things often and without any regrets. But when I'm , for example, missing school and after that saying that I was ill, that is a real lie.


Never had a global lie though. I lie only about miserable things, not any important. Sometimes it's just hard to stop imaging and shut up.

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i lie when i wanna get out of an akward situation, or many times just so i dont hurt ppl's feelings... im pretty sure everyone lies in these events.


Plus, i dont think there's one person in this world who doesn't lie to his parents about things that it's better they dont know

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i think everyone can say that lies hurt, from expirience..


and from both sides- the liar and the person that has been lied to...

you can really hurt yourself if u get tanngled up in lies, and it always hurts when you discover someone has lied to you...


but ppl lie all the time- just by the way they talk to different ppl, it's impossible to live life without lying.

And it's not like we lie about every major thing, just small white lies...

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