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Coldplay on Test The Nation...more BBC loving...


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I still stand by my theory that the BBC really likes Coldplay. Every so often in Britain we have this thing on TV called Test The Nation where you can play along at home or online to see how much the country knows about a certain topic. Tonight it was the earth and the environment. And sure enough question 60 had a clip of the Talk video and the question:


"Coldplay have tried to 'carbon neutralise' their latest album by doing what?"


A: Planting new trees

B: Recyling water

C: Reducing noise

D: Reusing vinyl


Of course I said A...I was playing along at home and got 52 out of 65 overall. Not bad at all I thought. :P


Just thought I would share with you another way that the BBC slipped in a bit of the lads!

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